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Phoenix Energy

the ultimate service to help you transcend and rediscover your truest purpose.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Introducing Phoenix Energy—the ultimate service to help you transcend and rediscover your truest purpose. Take a spiritual journey with Phoenix Energy, achieving alignment of truth and access to your inner power. Discover the freedom of having—and being in—your own purpose. Many people today strive for something bigger and better than where they are right now. With Phoenix Energy, you can find out what that is in the comfort of your own home! Our experiential session focuses on the four sacred chakras: Throat, Heart, Sacral, and Root with an aim to bring healing to the womb, alignment of truth within yourself, and connection to Mother Gaia. After just one session with us here at Phoenix Energy you’ll be feeling energized, liberated from sorrow and suffering, inspired communication – both internal dialogue and external – more attuned to your inner passions and drive; becoming stronger but also gentler on yourself. It all boils down to living life authentically - no more need for an identity crisis! From energy healing messages from spirit guides to energy techniques practiced during a Reiki session – you can expect sessions of growth here with Phoenix Energy. Our aim is to provide every individual with a safe space while exploring their highest capabilities! As they raise their vibration – transformation happens quickly along with self-growth; allowing everyone to be in control of who they really want to become this time around - creating a lasting shift in health and wellbeing! Get your energy from Phoenix Energy today savvy soul-searchers - get ready for the experience of a lifetime…we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Contact Details


314 Carmel Dr STE B

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